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Male Media Mind was a grassroots organization dedicated to unifying the Black Bear Community through Dialogue, Insight, Creativity, and Knowledge. Essentially a group of Black Bears who got together to talk about hot topics of the day, for a couple of years there we made a huge impact not only on our community but also with our heterosexual counterparts who decided to check in and see what their relatives, friends, and coworkers were talking about each week.  



Though the organization has since disbanded due to some behind the scenes Fleetwood Mac-esque drama, at its height we provided some kick-ass content and if I may say so myself, I did a pretty awesome job on the graphics and commentary. So here is just a very brief (and very biased) sample of what we did at one point in time.


"I took my love / I took it down / Climbed a mountain and I turned around / And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills / 'Til the landslide brought me down" -"Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

The Real Housewives of Atlanta M3 Bearcast
  • Pitch
    TAGLINE “Everything ELSE you wanted to know about sex” LOGLINE Essentially “Cheers” in a gay bathhouse, Bathhouse Betty’s Diaries focuses on a pampered, book smart yet socially inept professional student who unwittingly inherits a gay bathhouse in the skid row district of Los Angeles inhabited by a eccentric and culturally diverse group of employees who challenge her concepts of race, sexuality and economics. SYNOPSIS An edgy, politically incorrect progeny of All in the Family, Orange Is The New Black and Cheers, Bathhouse Betty Diaries follows the lives of an eclectic motley of characters that work in a Los Angeles-based bathhouse inherited by Julie Halters, a sheltered recent college graduate who when faced with the sexist, racist and ageist attitudes of her own staff, is forced to acknowledge her own sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes. This innovative adult comedy throws a humorous spotlight on America’s post-911 prejudices, frailties and inconsistencies by showing, in a mature fashion, how we are all bound by them and how absurd they are.
  • Character Bios
    MAIN CHARACTERS Julie Halters F, thirty something, elitist, professional student who instead of finding full time employment, goes back to school and acquires a new degree; well versed in many academic subjects yet unsure of her true passion. Maddox Reed M, twenty something, African American, a very intelligent and strong willed guy but would prefer to win his battles thoughtfully and quietly; a gentle giant, respectful and courteous, methodical in his actions SUPPORTING CHARACTERS Jésus O’Toole M, twenty something, a Mexican-American, aggressive, feminine, flamboyant, funny, racially insensitive cashier. Trainer Douglas M, twenty something, multiracial, overbearing, quick tempered fair skinned, judgmental, militant cashier. Levi Dreyfus M, sixty something, Korean American, wise, solemn, soft spoken, quick witted, spiritual regular patron Angel Divinaso M, twenty something, Puerto Rican, young, naive, bubble-headed, extremely attractive cashier/cleaner. Cookie Landry F, forty something, overtly sexual, very stylish, quick witted, Julie’s best friend.
  • Episodes
    Episode 1: Down the Rabbit Hole (Pilot) Julie inherits a gay bathhouse and is challenged to face her own prejudices and ideals when she meets the culturally diverse staff. Maddox tries to come to terms that race might have played a part as to why he was not chosen to be the manager. [DOWNLOAD EPISODE ONE] Episode 2: The Ballad of Julie & Maddox Julie bonds the with Maddox, the only employee that doesn’t hate her, and begins to have adulterous feelings for him. Levi tries to assuage the employees growing hostility, particularly Trainer. Episode 3: Bear Night at the Bathhouse Levi counsels Julie’s disappointment with Maddox as he begins a relationship with one of the patrons on bear night (Adrian). Trainer continuously harasses the bears despite his attraction to them. [DOWNLOAD EPISODE THREE] Episode 4: Tops & Bottoms As Julie (hetero and engaged to be married) and Maddox (homo and recently betrothed) contemplate taking their relationship to another level, Jésus and Angel actually do... with disastrous results. Episode 5: Dating Julie ends any speculation about sleeping with Maddox when she discovers Adrian has not disclosed his HIV status to Maddox. Jésus and Angel try a romantic relationship outside of sex, with even more disastrous results. Episode 6: Safe Sex and the City When Adrian’s estranged ex-lover tries to burn down the bathhouse, Julie considers abandoning the company and running off with her fiancé who has completely different plans. Jésus contracts Chlamydia from Angel. Maddox goes on a condom rampage and puts condoms in every conceivable place in the Bathhouse. Episodes 7/8: Father’s Day Ball (Part One and Two) Levi convinces Julie to throw a Father’s Day Ball in honor of all the fathers particularly her grandfather. Her own father visits the bathhouse and insists that she sell it and liquidate the property. Angel’s baby mother becomes enraged and vows to never let him see his kids again. Episode 9: Clash of the Titans Angel, thinking about his future and the future of his kids, decides to quit the bathhouse. Julie and Maddox clash over this decision as Julie thinks it is a sign that closing the bathhouse is the right decision and Maddox thinks of it as surrender or retreat. Trainer, falling in love with his older gentleman states his plans to leave also. Episode 10: And Then There Were Three With Julie deciding to work from home, Angel gone and Trainer on a leave of absence to spend time with his Older Boyfriend, Maddox is left with only Jésus to run the Bathhouse. Levi agrees to be rehired and the three of them do a spectacular job in running the bathhouse. During some much needed R&R in the Jacuzzi, Angel unintentionally gives himself a “Jacuzzi enema” Episode 11: Return of the Prodigal Scum Julie and Maddox get a letter from a councilman who wants to close down the bathhouse because of its lewd and indecent behavior. When it is discovered that he is Adrian’s father, everyone comes back to help save the bathhouse. Episode 12: Fight the Power Maddox comes up with new rules and implementations to revitalize the Bathhouse. Everyone, except Angel, is on board. Maddox wants to have promo pictures with Angel being the new face of the bathhouse. Angel firmly refuses. Episode 13: Meeting the Devil The councilman raids the Bathhouse with media cameras in tow and all of the staff are gravely affected. Worst of the bunch is Jésus whose adoptive parents see the newscasts and come down to the bathhouse to berate him, he runs away screaming in terror. Episode 14: And Then There Were Four Julie confides in Maddox about the stress and fear she is feeling lately. Maddox, feeling stress and fear in his own way, can only offer partial support. Julie, Trainer, Maddox and Angel begrudgingly relax in the Jacuzzi; Julie accidentally gives herself a Jacuzzi enema. Episode 15: The Commercial Maddox comes up with the idea to shoot video promos of the Bathhouse to post online. Julie is excited about the idea and fully supports him though the rest of the staff is beginning to think that he is going nuts. The end product turns out to be perfect. Episode 16: On the Down Low Gearing up for the upcoming legal battle with the Councilman, Julie goes to Maddox for support which he gives openly much to the chagrin of the employees. Trainer and Angel come out of the closet, Angel regains partial custody and visitations rights for his kids. Episode 17: Elephant Deals When Trainer is propositioned by a music producer to be his personal concubine in exchange for use of his studio to make his demo tape, Jésus, inspired by jealousy, tries to obtain the same deal by a Bathhouse patron and erroneously gets busted for prostitution by an undercover cop sent by the Councilman. Episode 18: All in the Family Jésus has sex with a man who could be his biological father before Maddox bails him out. Julie chaperones her niece’s prom. She asks Maddox to be her date and the two eventually share a kiss. Angel decides to get circumcised, Levi and Angel provide him emotional support. Episode 19: For Whom the Bell Tolls Julie’s fiancé, on the advice of his lawyer, tries to make amends with Julie to no avail. Angel invests his time in a stray dog that enters into the bathhouse to help him deal with the painful erections from his recent circumcision. Episode 20: Dog Eat Dog Julie comes up with the idea of selling marital aids and sexual tidbits out of the bathhouse. Angel’s dog gets into a case of her chocolate dog caricatures and becomes violently ill. Jésus and Angel go to the only veterinarian that they know of… Jésus’ supposed biological father. Turns out, he is Jésus’ actual biological father. Maddox gets his test results back, he’s HIV-. Episode 21: Honesty, With A Twist At the trial to close down the bathhouse, every staff member’s actions are put up to question. It is revealed that Maddox and Julie had sex. When asked does he love Julie he tearfully replies, “no.” Levi fully explains his spiritual relationship with Julie’s grandfather and Angel confesses everything he knows about everybody without being asked, including the Jacuzzi enemas and the pencils he stole in the 2nd grade. Episode 22: Honesty, Straight Up (and Out) It is decided that the bathhouse should stay open. Julie decides to take some time off. Maddox agrees to let a production company film a porno at the bathhouse. He is smitten by one of the muscle-bound porn stars and reconfirms homosexual orientation. Trainer is amused to find his old school rivalry to be a fluffer for the porno shoot. Jésus and Angel repair their friendship. They all watch as Levi does a scene in the porno… and is surprisingly good.
  • Format
    Bathhouse Betty’s Diaries is a thirty minute single-camera sitcom with adult themes including issues regarding the sexuality, race and the LGBT community. Because of this, it is more in line with the programming trends of the cable networks HBO, Showtime, FX, and Logo as well as the streaming services, Netflix, Hulu, and Amzon Prime. Each episode deals with one particular theme revolving around race, sexual/gender identity, politics and modern relationships with each character examining those themes within their experiences at the bathhouse. The over arching storyline of the series is Julie’s growing world view as she is privvy to the thoughts and actions of this diverse group of characters which directly affects her relationship with the Assistant Manager Maddox Reed as they both question their respective sexualities and informs her decision to be an LGBT ally as politics threatens to destroy the bathhouse. Each episode also concludes with Levi, the bathhouse’s wise old sage, narrating a life lesson that was learned from that particular episode’s theme.
Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom