Main Entry: boy
Pronunciation: \’bói\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English
Date: 13th century

1 often offensive : a male servant
2 a : a male child from birth to adulthood b : son c : an immature male <separate the men from the boys> <boy genius> d : sweetheart, beau
3 a : one native to a given place <local boy> b : fellow, person <the boys at the office> c —used interjectionally to express intensity of feeling <boy, what a game>


In this collection of poetic compositions, writer Breeze Vincinz charts the experiences of his soul as it cycles through this life... as a boy, with all the affirming and questionable attributes that lie within.


Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartfelt, always poignant, these poems exhibit an extraordinary passion, lyricism and ingenuity that has become the trademark of this prodigious author, screenwriter and spoken word artist that embodies the essence of an artist’s evolution into a man.

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