Breeze studied film-making at Columbia College - Chicago where he eventually received a B.A. in liberal arts with a concentration in screenwriting. With a penchant towards dark comedies, dramas and social commentary, his cinematic inspirations include Spike Lee, Tim Burton, Christopher Nolan and Myra Deren.  


The following are samples of his work in both film and television. All work has been registered with the WGA(w) with an exclusive copyright(c) by Breeze Vincinz with all right reserved therein.


To access samples and full length copies of each individual project, please contact 

AHS: Haunted

Genre: Horror

A motley group of people converge in a secret writers' retreat and reveal the most carnal, horrific and terrifying aspects of their lives

Bathhouse Betty's Diaries

Genre: Comedy

An ethnically diverse group of employees in a day spa are confronted with their own prejudices with the arrival of their new manager.


Genre: Drama

A group of women from different parts of the country serendipitously converge on a small all-Black town and unwittingly explode the volatile natures of it's inhabitants  

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