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© Breeze Vincinz

Hey there twin,
Let's match your evil with mine
Decency is a game fools play
No smashed grapes, no wine

Let's try transparency
Despite sweetness in the hiding
Your friends are emotionally diabetic
Your friends are experts in abiding

My blindness in seeing the telltale signs

     nothing compared to yours
Hitting yourself to feel better

     only left me with sores
You've taken all of my fears and nightmares

     and made them come true
I'm truly afraid you'll have a horrible death,

     make that one happen, Boo

Hey there twin,
You just wanted to be happy
I shouldn't be screaming
You cheated; I should be clapping

You found out who are
Congratulations, it was a great stunt
Cheers to my twin spirit
A toast to my doppelganger cunt

You never found me attractive, what you found sexy

     were the words I wrote
Or rather you say you never found me sexy,

     but my dick was always in your throat
Or rather you make it seem you were doing charity work

     by dating the elderly and obese
As if what I wanted in life was a fat blind man

     lives with his mom, unemployed, and has three titties

Hey there twin,
I see the dude(s) who fucked you is (are) doing great
I should probably do the same
I should probably separate

This spirit we share is killing me
This past we have is too
My exorcisms have always been literary
Hopefully, this will get rid of you

I bind you, Twin, from doing harm; harm against other people,

     and harm against yourself
I bind you, Twin, from avoiding the truth people tell you,

     you're going blind, not going deaf

I bind you from telling all lies because you think

     your truth is too devastating 
I bind you from believing you're introverted or low maintenance

     when you're evil is castrating

I bind you from creating another business run

     by people whose dicks you have sucked
I bind you from sucking random people's dicks

     in hopes they will help your business make a buck

I bind you to forgive yourself for everything you did

     you think I don't know about, but I know the tea
I bind you from thinking I was ever in love with you;

     I was in love with what was presented to me

I bind you from cowardice, I bind you from snores,

     I bind your own ego, I bind you from starting wars

I bind you from placing your psychopathy in everybody's hands,

     including God's and me when I was your man

I bind you to give up the thought

     that the person who beats you can love you to your core
I bind you to stay far away from anything that I care about;

     I just don't want to be your twin anymore

Breeze Vincinz

Life As A Boy

Poems by Breeze Vincinz

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