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The Hundred Dollar Night

December 19, 2019

The Bitch and The Beast

January 15, 2018

Black Slaves Matter

July 19, 2019

Love As A Second Language 

August 12, 2014

Dystopia Realized

Donald Trump is the President of the United States. It’s one of those statements that loses it’s impact in the wrong time and place. To say that in 1985 it would be laughable, something on the level of Mickey Mouse being the Secretary of State. In 2040 it will just be a blip in the history books like yup... he was, whatever. And I don’t think people in Ghana would give a shit at any time. But right here, right now, in America, it’s HOURS fresh and the single most horrifying sentence that could ever be true.

I am just numb with a palatable boiling rage right underneath that matte layer. I just can’t believe, as a country, we’re… HERE. I wonder if this is what the Republicans felt when Obama won; like the country is going to implode in on itself. I’m hoping that the results are the same whereas the FEAR of the elected President was much worse than his actual actions. The fear of Obama was that he was a socialist who was trying to bombard America with immigrants from 3rd world countries to replace American born citizens, fill the House and Senate with Arabs, instill Sharia law across the country, destroy Capitalism and give tax payer money to lazy undeserving people. The truth of the matter is he lowered unemployment, got us out of war, gave us all insurance, found Bin Laden, and deported more illegal immigrants than any sitting president in the history of America. Then there’s Trump. Now the difference between the Obama Paranoia and the Trump Paranoia is that Obama never claimed to do anything remotely close to what his naysayers imagined up.

Trump on the other hand has clearly stated that he wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States and have Mexico pay for it, defund Parent Parenthood, deport Muslim Americans, stop all immigration into the United States, abolish Obamacare, greatly reduce if not abolish welfare and unemployment benefits… the dystopia his naysayers envision aren’t necessarily based on some sort of internal paranoia, he narrated those nightmares himself. And who knows how history will turn out. Maybe he won’t be the tyrannical mess his rhetoric and my own internal paranoia makes him out to be, maybe the damage won’t be as bad. Maybe the reparations African Americans have wanted for so long actually WON’T be vouchers for free one way tickets back to Africa. Maybe years from now people will read this blog and conclude that maybe the dystopian film that plays inside the skulls of millions of Americans of a country run by a proudly racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, reality TV show host was exaggerated and overblown. What I CAN tell you is that TODAY, on THIS side of history, the POSSIBILITIES of what this "man" can do to our absolutely HORRIFYING.


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